Startup Accelerator

      Startup Accelerator Approach● Stages: idea - preseed - seed ● Duration: from 3 months to 1 year● Individual action plan for each start-up team● Technical support and mentorship within 8 areas

      Startup Accelerator in Numbers● Reviewed over 350 start-ups for the last 2 years● 7 of them raised financing on the next round● Over 20 of them built partnership with corporations ● 34 reputable mentors engaged in our program

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      1 - MVP Building 

      Go through the whole cycle for 5 weeks: analyze market, define the idea, make a list of features, build and launch, analyze the feedback

      2 - Product Market Fit  

      With the best corporates and industry related investors

      3 - Proven Track Record 

      We help to find and gain the first clients among corporations and/or retail customers depending on your industry

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      4 - Scale-up 

      Create an action plan for entering international markets


      5 - Pilot On Corporations 

      We help startups to find appropriate corporates, prepare the pitch for top-management, onboard, choose the type of partnership and launch the pilot

      6 - Mentorship

      We give you an access to up to 3 mentors, who’ve built companies before and are experts in their fields

      7 - Back Office 

      Accounting, finance modeling and legal support

      8 - Ecosystem

      Become a part of an ecosystem with industry access, innovative startups and great minds