Digital Innovation Hub

      Digital Innovation Hub powered by NGO "ISE Group" is a collaborative platform that supports innovation, digital transformation and competitiveness to capture and retention the entrepreneurial talents, stimulate direction in digital economy and building an innovative culture in Ukraine and CEE region. The Hub works as Think Tank and Communication Platform from November 2019 for key ecosystem players: ● Businesses● Government and Policy Makers ● Universities and R&D centers● Start-ups and Technology Companies.

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        Community building: Collaboration and Networking

        The Hub facilitates collaboration and networking among different stakeholders, including businesses, startups, research institutions, and government agencies. We organize industry meetings, events, workshops, and networking sessions where participants can exchange ideas, form partnerships, and explore potential collaborations.

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        Programs: Hackathon and Acceleration 

        We provide hackathon and acceleration programs for startups and entrepreneurs. Our programs offer mentoring, resources, and support to early-stage ventures, helping them refine their ideas, develop prototypes, and accelerate their growth. We provide access to funding opportunities and a network of investors.

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        Case Studies and Industry Reports

        The Hub produces industry reports and case studies that examine specific sectors or technologies, providing comprehensive overviews of the current landscape, trends, and potential opportunities as well as analyses of successful digital transformation initiatives. These reports offer strategic insights and actionable recommendations for businesses looking to navigate industry-specific challenges and leverage digital technologies to drive innovation and growth.