Support Ukraine

      Elena Malitskaya, CEO and founder at ISE Corporate Accelerator: 
      It is easy to destroy buildings, but Ukrainian intellectual сapital, abilities and spirit won’t be destroyed. And this is the spirit of winners. Most of the startups in Ukraine at the early stage are developed thanks to bootstrapping. Founders invest in themselves and believe in their product themselves. Very often they take this money from their core business, their corporate salaries or savings. But now many have given their savings to the army, to volunteering, to rescue and relocate their neighbors from damaged cities, to help their colleagues in the country. So, it is deeply appreciated when international community believe in UA startups and support us for the future development. Our mentors from the global tech companies prepared the list of such support, special thanks with the list to Apostera, VanOnGo, Google and Amazon teams. This list will be constantly updated on the page 


      The excellence of our services has been proved by the following awards.

      • American multinational technology company

        Together, and Google employees are contributing $15 million in donations and in-kind support to aid relief efforts in Ukraine, including $5 million from Google employee matching campaign and $5 million in direct grants. Google also contributing $5 million in advertising grants to help trusted humanitarian and intergovernmental organizations connect people to important sources of aid and resettlement information.
        * Including a $5 million Ukraine Support Fund allocating equity-free cash awards and Google support for Ukraine-based startups.

      • Best Service

        We have deserved to be named one of the best web design companies in the US. Their annual research evaluates each company’s depth of focus in their area of expertise, as well as the company’s proven ability to deliver results for their clients.

      • Innovation

        Our company is glad to be recognized as Innovations Leader staying at the forefront of innovation. We play the main role in helping business owners and large organizations to drive their business, increase profits, and stand out from the crowd.

      • Communicator

        We are honored to receive a Communicator Award for the Legal Media website. This is the leading and one of a kind in the world awards program which recognizes great and perspective ideas in marketing and communications.