ISE Group brings Ukrainian Delegation to WMF

      ISE Group brings Ukrainian Delegation to WMF

      We Make Future: Ukrainian Delegation to WMF, Rimini, 15-17th of June 2023

      ISE Group organized the Ukrainian Delegation to We Make Future (WMF). WMF is an annual Fair and Festival on Tech and Digital Innovation, held in Rimini, Italy. This was the first year, when the Ukrainian delegation visited it. Check more  information about the our participants here:

      Our startups: AR Platform, tTravel, Wallet Factory, MISU, Phygit, Fentry, Visit World, Growexa, Yazz, Briolight, Aligion, Askep, AstroTectonic,

      Key numbers:

      ✅ 36 people in delegation

      ✅14 startups and 1 accelerator

      ✅ 4 statups out of these 14 consider Italy to be one of their target markets and they already have business activities in Italy

      ✅ One of the biggest startups zones at the expo

      ✅ Every startup had their stand and visibility

      ✅ 50+ meetings with investors were organized for delegation

      ✅ 60 000 attandees this year