Research on Startup and Business Ecosystem: Common Steps towards the Reinventing Ukraine

Research on Startup and Business Ecosystem: Common Steps towards the Reinventing Ukraine

81% of startups believe that their products or solutions will help rebuild Ukraine in various aspects

Elena Malitskaya contributed to the report 2023 about role of Ukrainian startups in the recovery of Ukraine and the needs of organizations and the business ecosystem involved in the country’s development. Together with the Warsaw Stock Exchange, PUSB and the Ukrainian Startup Fund and other partners and friends:

Key Findings: Startups in Ukraine

1. 31% secured investment capital in the past year.

2. 90% foresee substantial growth potential.

3. 81% view their products as pivotal for Ukraine's reconstruction.

4. 46% consider the ecosystem active despite wartime challenges.

5. 66% target audiences globally.

6. 59% maintained their residence since February 24, 2022.

7. 46% plan to stay in Ukraine post-war, 33% uncertain, and 21% intend to leave.

8. 47% of startups leaving Ukraine plan to return post-war.

9. 66% assess their current situation positively.

10. 66% in Ukraine, 35% abroad seek access to investment capital.

11. 62% attribute their advantage to adaptability.

12. 69% stress the role of collaboration in economic recovery.

13. 78% plan future projects supporting reconstruction.

14. 53% advocate for government and international investment in the startup ecosystem.

Key Findings: Business Environment Institutions (BEI)

1. 85% of BEI support startups in addition to traditional businesses.

2. 57% can provide market research and product development services.

3. 69% have prior experience in securing grant support.

4. 83% are experienced in collaborating with foreign partners, including donors.

5. 39% contribute to rebuilding Ukraine through educational technologies.

6. 70% view startups as crucial for revitalizing local communities and job creation.

7. 81% have past collaboration experience with startups.

8. 78% possess competencies for effective collaboration with startups.

9. 93% aim to develop additional competencies for startup collaboration.

10. 50% aspire to enhance competencies in providing financial assistance to startups.

11. 83% seek knowledge on obtaining foreign investments and financing through international partnerships.

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