Startup Ecosystem of Ukraine based on startups’ survey

      Startup Ecosystem of Ukraine based on startups’ survey

      The startup survey has helped to identity the unique traits and peculiarities of Ukrainian startup projects. The observations from the startup survey are as following:

      1) Ukrainian startups have mimicked to tough conditions of Ukrainian startup ecosystem and learned how to exist outside of the Ukrainian startup ecosystem

      2) Ukrainian startups try to minimize the effects of ecosystem on themselves and tackle any problems they face on their own

      3) Ukrainian startups are not dependent on Policy, Finances, Accelerators (Support Infrastructure), Culture and Market components of the ecosystem

      4) Ukrainian startups are still dependent (but not 100%) on Ukrainian Human Capital and have problems finding experienced mentors that could guide them all the way up.

      5) Referring to Ukrainian startup, we seem to be more referring to the origin of the founders rather than the country where the startup companies grow and developed.